Graphic Design vs. Web Design


Are you naturally creative person? Do you  think outside the box? Do you often get advice on color palettes or even accessorizing?

So, you working in the design industry can take your imagination and originality into a career. Because what better way to earn a paycheck than working on what you are already passionate about.

Graphic or Web Designers

Web Design San Francisco

There are many jobs that may  fall under the design industry. For example, an graphic designer is different from a web designer, which are also  both differ from an textile designer.

While they all share similar talents, there are special  differences in these fields. Understanding these kinds distinction is vital part of knowing what type of career  to pursue.

If you’re searching for an opportunity to mix your love of the net with your passion for design, you’ll probably be faced with hard choice: graphic design or  web design?

It’s vital  to have a thorough  understanding of each designing field in order to know which best suits you.  Once you decide which path you’re good at, take time to learn more about it before you jumpstart your journey.


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